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The Swifts are a energetic pop punk band from Denver Colorado.

What others are saying about The Swifts:

**Tattoo.com: “Once you hear All Sunshine you will agree that it is one of the best pop-punk albums of the current generation. Ground breaking but yet still familiar with hook filled guitar riffs, intelligent lyrics delivered with powerful and catchy melodies and a rocking rhythm and low end section that bangs it home”

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 **Punknews.org: “All Sunshine is outstanding pop punk that’s well written, thoughtful, punchy and very rockin. The CD made five full spins in my car before I thought about switching it out with something else. It’s a clunker free album for sure”

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**Colorado Punk Rock Army: “The Swifts have composed one helluva an album with “All Sunshine”. The melodies, lyrics, and solos make this one a definite add to your pop punk collection.  I’m going to throw this album into the best of 2019 mix.”

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***Indie Vision Music: “Their peppy sound is like punchy and well layered pop-punk dream come true. All the elements of your favorites bands from yesteryear mixed with a current and edgy sound meant to hit you with a sense of urgency.”

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***National Spotlight Music Review:
fantastic and smart melodies grabbed and held my attention. Way beyond a simple three cord slam about, “The Swifts” are everything I want in a band! Vibrant and smart, “All Sunshine” is an outstanding album.”

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***Hollywood Music Magzine: “The Swifts are one of the best pop punk bands we’ve heard in ages.”

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 The Swifts Are:
Mike Little
Rob Hinerman
Jim Boutell
Rich Arbuckle

Contact : theswiftscolorado

For press and media contact : Doug Newville